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Alpha Lazer, a division of Machitech, which boasts two decades of cutting automation expertise, a global footprint of 1,800 installations and an exceptional 97% customer referral rate. Our fiber laser cutting machines feature top-tier components such as Precitec® cutting heads, user-friendly Siemens® CNC controllers, Lantek® nesting software, and robust IPG Photonics® laser sources. Additionally, our well rounded lineup includes electric and hydraulic press brakes to offer you a complete solution.


Fiber Laser Machines

Alpha Lazer’s CNC laser cutting machines are equipped with state-of-the-art features, including the world’s leading laser cutting head from Precitec®, a user-friendly Siemens® CNC controller, industry-leading Lantek® nesting software, maintenance-free Vanterm® dust collectors and a powerful IPG Photonics® fiber laser source.

Tube Laser Machines

Our automated tube laser cutting systems offers short processing times for a wide range of tube sizes and profiles thanks to a specifically designed cutting system. The system can support diameters from 19mm to 500mm. Process all HSS round, square, rectangular pipe and tubes along with, H, C, U and L shapes. Options of 3 or 4 chucks, depending on the length and max diameter as well as bevel are also available.

Press Brakes

Explore our high-quality hydraulic and electric press brakes, engineered for precise and reliable bending operations. The hydraulic models offer robust capabilities across various materials, while the electric versions prioritize efficiency and eco-friendly operation. Both feature user-friendly interfaces and customizable options, ensuring ease of use and consistent results to meet diverse industrial needs.

Your journey with Alpha Lazer

Our specialists will assist you from project infancy to machine installation and beyond.

Step 1

Fabrication requirements

With Alpha Lazer, you can be sure to find the right solution for your needs thanks to our knowledgeable automation specialists and our complete range of cutting and bending solutions.

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Step 2

Finding the right solution together

Having understood your specific production requirements, we will propose the perfect machine size and power specifications, ensuring you receive exactly the equipment you require.

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Step 3

On-site installation and training

As your committed partner, we include on-site installation of your new Alpha Lazer system, followed by comprehensive specific training on its operation

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Step 4

The Alpha Lazer after-sales experience

Your purchase includes free remote support for the lifetime of your machine. We are always available.

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Customized Solutions

Working with Alpha Lazer gives you access to an unmatched range of sheet metal processing solutions for nearly any type of production and budget.

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High Quality Products

Thanks to industry-leading components, our sheet metal processing solutions can improve and optimize operations at your shop.

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Partner in your growth

At Alpha Lazer, we are dedicated to the success of your sheet metal fabrication business. That means delivering best-in-class service, from recommending the right equipment for your operations to on-site installation and training and lifetime remote support. Indeed, being a reliable partner for your fabrication shop is at the heart of the Alpha Lazer experience.

World Class Partners

Alpha Lazer’s fiber laser cutting machines feature some of the most advanced components the industry has to offer. We’re proud to partner with these highly regarded suppliers.




Kerns Punia, owner of AccuCut Laser located in Surrey, Canada, explains why he chose Alpha Lazer™ and the Fiber PRO 3015 6kW fiber laser cutting system.




"Alpha Lazer exceeded our expectations with their high-quality Fiber Laser machine and exceptional customer support. I highly recommend them for any manufacturing needs." Tom Johnson, owner of Baldwin Metals in Dallas, Texas

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We Provide Peace of Mind

We provide peace of mind… so you can focus on growing your business. At Alpha Lazer, our commitment is to provide our customers with unmatched service. Choosing Alpha Lazer means gaining access to top-quality equipment, direct contact with our team of experts, specialized assistance, and prompt technical support. In summary, we are there for you when you need us the most. Large inventory of parts / On-site installation and training / Lifetime remote technical support

Grow Your Career with Alpha Lazer

A world of opportunity in a thriving industry. Do you enjoy helping like-minded professionals take their custom fabrication business to the next level of success? If so, we’re looking for dedicated experts to grow with us as we continue our legacy of outstanding customer service. Contact us today to ask about our open positions!

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