Alpha Lazer Fiber 3D – Tube & Pipe cutter

Tube & Pipe cutting solutions with automatic loading and unloading


The Alpha Lazer® Fiber 3D is a tube and pipe cutting solution that features an automatic loading and unloading arm to feed the machine. It can cut round, square, rectangular, H-Beams, C-Beams, U-Beams and L-Beams with extremely precise details. A laser sensor measures the profile length and sends the data to the system. A centering mirror centers the profile as close as possible to the cutting head. The unloading unit can release cut profile parts according to their lengths since they it moves forward and backward through the profile cut.


– Max pipe diameter: 6.5″‘
– Can cut round, square, rectangular, H, C, U and L beams.
– Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL control unit
– SigmaTube CAD/CAM software
– Automatic loading and unloading
– Max material thickness: 0.315″
– Precitec intelligent auto focus capacitance cutting head
– Light curtain for security protection
– Safety and protective measures, Corresponds to the current local certification guidelines

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Other models are available

   Modular family
   Compact solution

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