Alpha Lazer Fiber C – Flexible and compact solution

Fiber laser cutting solution optimized for smaller parts and fine machining


The Alpha Lazer™ Fiber C is a compact but powerful fiber laser cutting solution that is perfect for smaller parts cutting and fine machining. It has a small footprint, is virtually maintenance free and has a professional grade granite frame for optimal rigidity.


– Cutting dimensions: 4′ x 4′
– IPG Photonics YLR (500w) or YLS series (1kw to 4kw)
– Linear motion on all axis
– Intuitive HMI for CNC machine control
– RADAN Radprofile CAD/CAM software (optional)
– Granite base for maximum rigidity and stability
– IPG FLC-D30 Cutting head
– Low power consumption
– Small footprint (72 sqft.)
– Access on three sides for easy loading/unloading
Laser Source power: YLR-500 (0.5kw) YLS-1000 (1kW) YLS-2000 (2kW) YLS-3000 (3kW) YLS-4000 (4kW)
Mild Steel Max Thickness: N/A 0.315″ 0.472″ 0.630″ 0.787″
Stainless Steel Max Thickness: N/A 0.118″ 0.197″ 0.315″ 0.394″
Aluminium Max Thickness: N/A 0.079″ 0.157″ 0.236″ 0.315″
Copper Max Thickness: N/A 0.079″ 0.157″ 0.236″ 0.315″
Brass Max Thickness: N/A 0.079″ 0.157″ 0.236″ 0.315″

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