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Delivering exceptional customer service is the key to our success.

We provide peace of mind

We provide peace of mind… so you can focus on growing your business. At Alpha Lazer, our commitment is to provide our customers with unmatched service. Choosing Alpha Lazer means gaining access to top-quality equipment, direct contact with our team of experts, specialized assistance, and prompt technical support. In summary, we are there for you when you need us the most. Large inventory of parts / On-site installation and training / Lifetime remote technical support

Regular care and maintenance

At Alpha Lazer, we are dedicated to offer you a long term ownership. We strongly believe that a regular care and preventative maintenance is the key to a productive and profitable equipment for years and years. Whether you use our easy to follow instructions to do your own maintenance or use our Preventive Maintenance Programs, we'll help make maintenance easy and painless.

Partner to your growth

Being available when you need us is one of our top priorities. When you choose Alpha Lazer, you get direct access to our experts, help from our technicians right on the factory floor, and fast technical support—in short, the most accessible and effective services the industry has to offer.

On-Site Support and parts

Need on-site service? We're there when it counts. Our group of certified service technicians across North America are never very far from you. Need parts? We have one of the largest inventories of parts in North America to get you back up quickly.

Installation and Training

To set your sheet metal fabrication company up for success, Alpha Lazer offers on-site installations and customized training with our fiber laser cutting solutions, making the experience smooth and easy for your business and staff. Once your machine is up and running, you can always rely on us if you need assistance. To learn more, contact Alpha Lazer today.




Kerns Punia, owner of AccuCut Laser located in Surrey, Canada, explains why he chose Alpha Lazer™ and the Fiber PRO 3015 6kW fiber laser cutting system.




"Alpha Lazer exceeded our expectations with their high-quality Fiber Laser machine and exceptional customer support. I highly recommend them for any manufacturing needs." Tom Johnson, owner of Baldwin Metals in Dallas, Texas

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World Class Partners

Alpha Lazer’s fiber laser cutting machines feature some of the most advanced components the industry has to offer. We’re proud to partner with these highly regarded suppliers.

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